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155 McNicoll Ave., North York, ON, M2H 2C1
Tel: (416)499-9743
Toddler Program
Age: 18 months to 30 months
Ratio: 1 teacher to 5 children
Program Goals: To provide the children with a rich, interesting environment that they can explore with all their senses.
To encourage children's feelings of competence by giving them opportunities to experiment and solve problems.
To foster a sense of autonomy by ensuring flexibility and choice.
To develop the children's self esteem by ensuring that they feel valued and cared for as individuals.
To encourage the development of positive social skills.
Environment Setting: Equipment is organized to facilitate independent use.
Self-help skills are prompted throughout the day.
Displays of children's art works or posters are at the children's eye level.
Multicultural teaching materials are used.
The room is divided into learning areas.
Cognitive Development: Sorting and matching toys, manipulative and construction toys, books, musical toys, puppets, multicultural dolls, age appropriate props, and art and sensory activities are used to develop the cognitive skills of the toddlers.
Motor Development: Age appropriate riding, pulling and pushing toys, indoor and outdoor activities are held to develop the motor skills of the toddlers.