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155 McNicoll Ave., North York, ON, M2H 2C1
Tel: (416)499-9743
Pre-Kindergarten Program
Age: 2 1/2 to 4 years
Ratio: 1 teacher to 8 children
Program Goals: Foster curiosity and excitement in learning.

Build self-confidence through the development of self-help skills to achieve a positive self-image.
Provide opportunities for the development of social skills by encouraging children to respect the rights and properties of other.
Develop language skills through the use of storytelling, puppets, fingerplays and felt board stories. Enhance the child's abilities to concentrate, listen and participate.
Develop math skills through hands-on experiences with concrete materials.
Offer science experiences and nature studies through planting, experimenting and cooking activities, as well as outdoor excursions.
Allow for freedom of creative expression by providing a variety of child-centred art activities.
Encourage growth in music and drama through singing, musical instruments and dramatization.
Foster the development of fine motor skills through the use of art materials, pegboards, stringing, sewing, scissors, playdough and clay.
Provide opportunities for the development of large motor skills by using blocks, riding toys, creative movement, gym and playground equipment.
Environment Setting : Program plans are posted and visible to parents.
Work and play spaces are clearly defined and accessible all day.
Space and equipment create a pleasant and safe learning environment.
The Pre-Kindergarten program introduces children to a head-started educational program, which includes Language, Mathematics, Science, Arts and Crafts, Music, Drama and Physical Education.
Language: Learn phonics.
Identify consonant sounds.
Listen to stories, Nursery Rhymes and tapes.
Re-tell of familiar stories and recent experiences.
Learn to print own name.
Learn to print upper case letters.
Mathematics: Rote counting from 1 to 30.
Recognize and print numbers from 1 to 30.
Learn to recognize and make patterns.
Learn to match, sort, classify by size, shape and colour.
Learn to estimate and compare objects.
Learn to describe position of objects, recognize and sort two and three-dimensional objects.
Science: Encourage children to be curious, to explore, investigate and experiment.
Develop a better understanding of our earth cycles and ecosystems and enhance the children's awareness of how to care and protect the environment.
Include nature study through planting activities, outdoor excursions and sand and water play.
Offer science experiences through activities using the five senses.
Arts and Crafts: Provide opportunities for monthly enrichment by staff or parents.
Provide opportunities for self-expression through dramatic play.
Allow freedom of creative expression by providing a variety of art activities.
Physical Education: Learn to co-operate, participate and follow directions.
Learn to express ideas through movement.
Learn how to use sports equipment creatively and safely.
Learn to develop sportsmanship and fair play